Crypto Coins

Ask Alexa for the prices of over 2000 crypto coins πŸ€–

Crypto Coins is an Alexa skill that gives you the current prices of over 2000 cryptocurrencies.

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Thanks for sharing @jonathan_trev! I wonder how many more applications of crypto-tracking can come πŸ€”
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@amrith Why let everyone else have the fun ;-)
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@jonathan_trev My point being there's a crypto application for everything/every device now.. What more could come next πŸ€”
@amrith Yup there's quite a number of them. I think there's even one for the Hololens
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@jonathan_trev ofc there is πŸ˜‚ Go ahead and hunt it!
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@amrith I'm not able to test it, should I still do so?
It seems to only know Ether and BTC?
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@jeff_ski_kinsey I tested it with a bunch of other coins, try spelling out the coin symbol if Alexa's having trouble with a coin name. Also let me know what inputs are not working for you and I'll look into it.
@jonathan_trev Nothing else works. In fact, Alexa actually asks me which I want, "Bitcoin or Ether". Seems there is a disconnect somewhere.
@jonathan_trev Be sure you are testing against the public skill and not the dev skill you are enhancing.
@jeff_ski_kinsey Do you maybe have another similar skill installed? Here's a screenshot of a test I've just run with a few coins Both dev and prod hit the same endpoint and share the same VUI.
@jonathan_trev you are the man. Thanks for making this
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@kcucchia No prob! I could add a few more features i.e. specifying an exchange, converting between coins and currencies? Would this interest you?
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@jonathan_trev God yes. You are far too kind.
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@kcucchia Just needed to know there was interest :)
@kcucchia I'll ping you when I've made the changes.
@jonathan_trev thanks so much man
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Alexa seem to have some troubles with less popular coins. I check live prices of coins on and it always seem to be accurate and up to date.
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