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Google with ONLY results that accept Bitcoin.

A search engine using google's API that will return search results with ONLY sites that accept Bitcoin.

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AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
🖐🏼 Product Hunters, I think that most people trade and hold bitcoin but not many spend it on things, so decided to create this little search engine using Google's API. You can 🔎 search for anything you want and all results shown will accept Bitcoin. 🛳 This is the second project of my 4 $crypto startups in 4 months projects, I lost motivation in the middle of the month due to lack of ideas but decided to stick with it and launch anyway
Nsidibe Etim
Nsidibe Etim@nsidibe_etim · Entrepreneur and Social media enabler
Great work. I will be adding my site soon.
Jerry Ern
Jerry Ern@jerrye · Co-Founder @
Upvoted ;-) This adds real value to the Crypto Community - We tried to do the same by spending 700+ hours to review 400+ coins on: Crypto Market Analysis, Predictions & Investment stats. Curious to get your feedback: