Create and share blockchain-tied digital collectibles.


Cryptibles are the world's first blockchain-secured digital collectibles - they can be anything from cards to coins to figures and can be collected, stored, and shared easily by mobile users. Our app allows users to create and design their own custom cryptocurrency or digital collectible with ease.

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Founding CEO AppOnboard & AdColony

This is genius.


Reminds me of collecting baseball cards.


More Cryptipals please!

Arwin Associates

I LOVE THIS! The only thing I dislike is how super confusing it was to initially start buying/making a card or figure... if I had to change something it would have to be cleaning up the interface and maybe helping the user through the first steps a bit more. Right now you have to have a pretty good bit of knowledge of crypto to even understand the process. You should explain it a bit more to the user. Heck, I was confused at first!


How you can have basically the equivalent of trading cards as crypto!


It was confusing trying to figure out how to first use the app

CTO, Lucid Sight
Thanks for the feedback, and noted! We will have an update coming that will attempt address this issue in the near future. I foresee, though, a couple of iteration on our end before we get it perfect. So keep the feedback coming. :) I do have a question in regards to token creation. Would additional token models, textures or image filters be something you would be interested in having as a token creator? (IE. More coin colors, other coin shapes, other 3d model types, image filters for 2D card token creation) Thank you again for the feedback, here are some CTO Cryptibles for you as well :-D. Claim Code: 2j9gnbhjb |
Basics Web Services

Will there be exclusive, official, rare cryptibles for us early adopters? ;)


It’s a really cool idea!! I like how you can trade like trading cards!! :D


Expensive to make own :(

Graphicalz Startup

I think you have something really big on your hands, this could be a huge thing. I hope you continue working on this and getting some serious marketing behind it.


Cute little collection items