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An encrypted home for your private photos, docs & notes.


Cryptee is an encrypted and secure home for your private photos, files, docs, and notes. It works on all your devices and provides a zero-knowledge place to keep all your sensitive digital belongings.

With on-device encryption, security and deniability at its core, Cryptee is a unified platform for all your personal privacy needs.

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Software Engineer

I know John and saw how he was developing the project. I'm a beta user from the day he had a more or less stable build. And I moved all my personal documents there.

Almost everyday on a lunch he told about challenges he faced. He pick a hard issue to solve and stay sharp on the idea. The idea, that you deserve a safe place for your notes, documents and photos. Not everything is for sharing, we have a lot of personal. It could be your business notes, plans and documents. It could be your diary or your family pictures. There are moments and thoughts you would like to save for you. It's yours, it's private and should be in a safe place.


It's secure and simple. John has a sharp concept behind the project and stays focused without tradeoffs.


Does not suit for teams, yet.

Founder @ Illumonarch Creative Agency

Find my comment below on my experience with John and Cryptee


Doesn't require for me to run/maintain my own servers; Secure alternative to all the popular cloud options everyone uses; Passionate Team


Needs more resources to implement future features faster, the comments show that the team needs to scale




Simple, encrypted, usability, design


Need Table

@mikael_bertoux1 Tables are here.