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Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker


Manage all your cryptocurrency investments: including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, other alt coins and tokens.

3 Reviews
Lui Kohl
Diogo Serrano
 +6 reviews
  • Lui Kohl
    Lui KohlJUNIQE

    - None


    requires sign up, no explanation of unique value propositions

    It's a shame that you haven't provided some kind of landing page that explains why I should sign up for your service. I have used a number of crypto trackers, they all have pros and cons. Some can automatically pull data from certain exchanges, others require manual trade input but have nice data visualisation. This is a crowded market where people are privacy conscious, I'd recommend provided some copy that explains why I should choose your service and inspires confidence. Good luck!

    Lui Kohl has never used this product.
  • Wadim van Akkeren
    Wadim van AkkerenUI/UX Designer

    That there is potetial for (finally) a good crypto wallet


    They are BY FAR not where they are supposed to be on launch.

    It would be really nice to finally have a place (web AND mobile) where we can create a crypto portfolio. One that let's you enter your orders in different valuta's. For example: 1LTC for $91.93 or 0.019BTC.

    Instead: Crypolio doesn't explain in which valuta they are calculating at all.

    Also.. I would change the name to CrypTolio hahaha polio is a disease.

    Wadim van Akkeren has used this product for one day.
  • Muhamed-Kanapiya
    Muhamed-KanapiyaFounder of qazaqbiz.info

    simple design, easy to understand


    add more languages (russian), auth by social networks, more informative UI|UX

    Looks good, but i dint use any portfolio servisec before

    Muhamed-Kanapiya has used this product for one day.