Digitally crafted crypto gift certificates

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CryCert is a free service that allows to generate Certificates of Investment in cryptocurrency. A fun and original present for friends & family.



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Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler@jsnfwlr · Founder, Kiss My Creative
You're allowing users to enter private keys? Don't do that. There is a reason they are called private keys
Alberto Betella
Alberto BetellaMakerHiring@albertobeta
Thanks @jsnfwlr I agree, hence why we strongly recommend in the FAQs to not do that and to send or print the private keys separately. I actually thought about whether to include that field as optional (as it is now) or omit it completely. What if someone (conscious of the risk) wanted to put all the data (including private keys) in a single and self-contained certificate to print? This said, I appreciate your comment and I'm definitely considering to remove the private key field to not even "tempt" the unexperienced user to provide it. Any other feedback on this topic? Should I remove the private key field?
Alberto Betella
Alberto BetellaMakerHiring@albertobeta
Hello there! I am excited to have CryCert featured on ProductHunt 🤗 I hope our certificates bring bundles of joy (and 🤑) to their lucky recipients 🎄🎅🏻