Mobile app beautifully organizes your group communications

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Organizes all your group communications in one place, organized into threads, available everywhere, and totally customizable.
Hello fellow Hunters. We’re humbled to be a part of the PH community and wanted to share what we’ve been working on for the past year. Our hope is to get real and honest feedback. After talking to thousands of college students and groups of all kinds, we realized groups were having a hard time communicating effectively and organizing their critical information. Transparency was a big issue. The multitude of apps that groups use aren't quite solving the crux of the problem. As our MVP, we focused on building Crux around the concept of group topics in order to organize messages and information. It’s a simple concept that has proven to be very effective. We also put a lot of time into making sure our user onboarding helped a group get set up properly, and our Kudos feature helps with keeping a group engaged. We feel we’re nearing our product/market fit, and work closely with as many groups as we can to gain honest feedback, iterate quickly, and deliver value to groups everywhere. We're looking for ideas on how to improve the product, things we might have missed, and things we should focus more attention on. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. PS. Thanks to my co-founder @jordanknox_ and the entire Crux Crew for all your hard work and unfettered dedication. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.
Hello Hunters! As one of the founders, its great to be a part of the community! As JC mentioned, we’re looking for awesome feedback to help perfect our product. We thrive off of user feedback, and are looking forward to engaging with you all throughout the day!
@jordanknox_ this app has so much potential! Have you guys been able to get much traction? Ping me on twitter @shaanvp if you guys need help w/ anything