Crowdsourcer 1.0

Collaborate. Split profits. Create MVPs without investment. is a web platform where people can collaborate on projects and earn a fair share of the profits based on their contribution. Create products without raising investment, capping ambition or quitting your day job.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
We're incredibly excited to share v1.0 of! It's been a long time in the making and it's something that we believe is just a starting point for more to come. With v1 we've added an interview process for projects and contributors; expanded our selling tools so you can sell your products in more ways than ever; finally, we built on the peer review system to help protect everyone involved in a project. Of course, if any of you have questions about the platform please feel free to reach out to me, I appreciate sometimes it can be a little much to take in 🤯.
Fantastic platform! Really helped get my project off the ground. Couldn't recommend it enough.
@b_food Thanks for your feedback!
Thanks @b_food, that means a lot. Really glad you were able to take advantage of our platform. If you need any support with your project, feel free to contact me through the site.
Great product. Friend of mine used it and raved about it.
@andrew_britt hey thanks, that’s great to hear. Let me know if you ever need a hand with anything.
Brilliant product and great support network - I heard about it through a friend who had a successful project launch and in turn this turned my idea into reality. Awesome stuff and see Crowdsourcer going far in the next few months- jump on it now
@declan_james thank you, really glad we’ve been able to help :)