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#5 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2014
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PH for X is the new Uber for X
Found this on Reddit, a PH spin-off exclusive for Kickstarter campaigns
How is this like Product Hunt? Just seems like a feed of random kickstarter projects...
@acondurache A curated list of the coolest projects to be found on Kickstarter, sorted by day and 'likes'. Submitted and commented on by a small community of contributors. Anyone can sign in with twitter and upvote. The design is based on the PH Chrome extension, which I think lends a nice visual way to see the projects. Click on the image, see the video. Click on the heart, upvote the project. Click on the comment box, discuss the project and read more about it. Click on the title, visit the Kickstarter project page. Based on the same principle of solving cool project/product discovery as Product Hunt. The current mechanisms that exist to us are either staff picks (which can trend toward the artsy) or "what's popular" lists that use algorithms to determine what's hot-or-not. The idea here is to build an awesome community of 'in the know' contributors so that we can share the word about great projects. Might be a bit early to submit to PH - I've kept it pretty basic for now, but the main thing I'm missing is 'in the know' contributors. If anyone's keen to become a Crowd Loot contributor, let me know :)
I use which has rankings based on momentum
@FrankDenbow Yeah, most of the current tools for project discovery rely on the project already having gained momentum, but I feel there's some space for a tool that lets us help each other discover cool projects that may not have reached that critical mass yet. I guess the equivalent would be like finding a product on Product Hunt before it turns up on TechCrunch.