Crosshair Music

Connecting musicians to influencers across the globe

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I really loved the concept behind this service. :) I truly think that it helps solving a huge problem for all the musicians out there: make their music heard by listeners in target with their music genres! Looking at their first results, it looks like that building a b2b marketplace where artists can upload their songs and influencers like spotify playlist curators, youtubers, instagrammers can use the songs they like in their playlists/contents, it's sure a smart way to promote music :)
@jack_garufi Thanks a ton for hunting us! We're trying to solve this problem as best we can. Please provide any feedback you deem relevant. We're always looking to get better!
@garrisonsnell you are doing a great job! In the near future it could be interesting to have a public view of the artists and influencers available on your service, I think I've read some artists asking that too ;)