Any cloud storage in companies - controlled and secure.

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{"nodes":[{"kind":"block","type":"line","nodes":[{"kind":"text","text":"A service that enables companies to use multiple cloud storages to communicate with customers and partner. Fully managed and secure. "}]}]}



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Juergen Hoebarth
Juergen Hoebarth@juergenhoebarth01 · CEO Haexagon Concepts , Product Innovati
Simple clear nice Product, and a helper when working with different "customers" or on different "projects"
Charlie Irish
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
Perfect for working with clients who use different cloud storage platforms.
ChristophHechenblaikMaker@chrihech · Co-Founder
Hi, I am one of the co-founders of CrossCloud. Great to be featured here and happy to answer any questions :-)
Scott Ruona
Scott Ruona@scottruona · Marketing Analyst
Looks really handy. What's the pricing for consumers? Also, suuuuuch sloooooow scrollllling.
ChristophHechenblaikMaker@chrihech · Co-Founder
@scottruona Hi Scott, CrossCloud is free for private users. We will charge for additional features (such as e.g. shared encryption) in the future based on a subscription model (around 3$/month). Thanks for your interest and support :-)