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T-shirts designed by AI, made for real humans

#2 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2019
A lifestyle t-shirt company inspired by New York. The t-shirts are designed by AI, learning from a training set of 1million+ open source images. Featuring classic characters from NYC living like “dollar slice”, “lil doggo”, “subway rat” and “pigeon pal”.
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Hey everyone, my name is Sarah McBride and I am one of the makers behind Cross & Freckle. Alongside Tyler and Paul, I've been super fortunate to be immersed in the growing “synthetic media” scene here in NYC and as a team we wanted to dabble in some AI-generated media for ourselves. And, as Nick said, if software is eating the world, we may as well make cute t-shirts out of it! The doodles on the t-shirts are generated by AI, but are very much real t-shirts for real humans. They come in all colors from white to black. That is, they come in white and black. From the obsession over little puppers, to 1AM dollar slices, to morning commutes alongside subway rats and to making friends with pigeons, the Cross & Freckle t-shirt range represents life as we know it in NYC, with a little help from AI. On the science side, Paul, our esteemed engineer, trained a variational autoencoder (machine learning model) on Google Creative Lab's Quick, Draw! Dataset. He chose to use the model architecture from the Sketch RNN paper, and trained the model on NYC themed drawings. The output? Fun and fresh lifestyle t-shirts, that are sure to be a conversation-starter. Please do check out the t-shirts and read more into the science behind them over on our website. Please also feel free to ask questions and leave comments below. Thanks!! (this is my first-ever project launch on PH and I'm so excited/nervous) 🍕🐕🐀🐦
@sararahmcb does this comment even exist? In all seriousness, congrats to you and the crew! I'm trying to decide between dollar slice and lil doggo...
@urbanorganism dammit, I totally should have generated the maker note too! Thanks for supporting us, Yasser. Can't wait to see you in your AI tee!
Software is eating the world... and the shirt on your back. Congrats to Sarah & team for launching. 👕
@nickabouzeid thanks for the support Nick! Can't wait to see you rockin' dollar slice 🍕
@sararahmcb and team, amazing stuff, the dollar pizza one speaks to me on another level 🍕
@aaronoleary the key is to eat a dollar slice while wearing dollar slice. Legend has it an additional dollar slice appears out of nowhere.
Congrats on launching @sararahmcb @tylerjbecker and @pblankley 👏 I love the idea of using AI to create tshirt designs! Also I like how minimalists they are, so really easy to wear
@tylerjbecker @pblankley @mrcalexandre thank you! the training set has already been put to use in a bunch of different ways, so we figured we'd find a cool way to use it to create something we could wear. (plus i love pizza)
These are great t shirts! And if you’re gonna wear it, it needs to be 💥 ! great work - rumor has it they are super soft too. Snuggle up with lil doggo.
@danikadanika can confirm they are SUPER