Sync notifications, files, clipboard between phone & browser

Crono bridges the gap between your android mobile & browser
1️⃣Sync mobile notifications with browser
2️⃣Interact with notifications in browser
3️⃣Share files & clipboard between devices
4️⃣Open web pages remotely on phone
5️⃣Notification & clipboard history
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone 👋 I am Abhishek, one of the makers of Crono. Crono is an android + chrome extension, that lets you sync your mobile notifications on your browser. The motivation for building Crono came after using a few similar products. These products had a very basic UI and lacked active development. While developing Crono We focussed on UX and usability of the app. Crono not only syncs your notifications with your browser, but it lets you take actions on them. You can directly reply to SMS and Whatsapp messages, (Y) tweets, send emails etc. Crono won't bug you with push notifications (unless you ask Crono to do so). Don’t worry, notifications are encrypted on your device before they are sent to the server. Crono lets you share files between your browser and android device. Crono app will automatically download the file and save it. You can view notifications and clipboard history inside Crono app. This data is completely stored on your local storage. We would love to get your feedback, listen to your questions and ideas on how to improve this product.
Great work Abhishek! Any plans for iOS?
This is amazing! Have you considered being able to add/sync multiple android devices into the chrome extension? I imagine that would be tricky with encryption, but would be so helpful for work + personal devices.
Hi @greghaar Multiple device support is in pipeline and encryption is really a roadblock as of now. Thank you for your feedback 🙂
@greghaar great question, wanted to ask the same thing.
Just downloaded this on my phone and Chrome. Wow, you have an awesome, polished product that I will continue using. I am a hardcore Pushbullet user (pushes + SMS), but I'm looking forward to completely replacing it with Crono. 👍
Thanks @kevinyun . We are continuously working to improve Crono experience and add more innovative features 😀
@batraabhishek So far, it's really good. A plus experience would be a full texting experience (a la Pushbullet: history, etc), and notifications number that sticks out (the contrast w/ blue is very hard to see -- perhaps only show a notification when there is >== 1?)
Hey, this looks great! The only thing I don't understand is how much does this cost? If it's free, how is this supposed to generate money for A) keeping this working B) prevent personal data from being used at any given point? Do you have some more info on that?
@leo_woods if you look on the site there are ads?? Google ads?? Definitely confused on the business model. Seems to be a level of customer transparency before scaling...
@batraabhishek, I'm really curious about this?
Hey @leo_woods, We are aiming to keep a freemium model for Crono. As of now, we are trying out with different models for monetisation including native ads, feature quota etc. We will be testing what works best for Crono users and us. As of now our focus is on feature development till then Crono will be totally free.