Frictionless IT task monitoring

Stop losing money because your tasks are not running properly!
Cronbee is a DevOps-focused power tool to help tech and development teams be more confident about the health of their product ecosystems.
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What's up ProductHunt? I'm *buzzing* to tell you about our agency's first SaaS product, no, our first in-house Product. As a Shanghai-based software agency, we create great products, but usually for other people! Now we're trying to something different and this marks the beginning of our own IP portfolio! 🐝 Cronbee is a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-integrate task monitoring service, giving you peace-of-mind and freeing up your valuable time: You'll only be notified if there a job πŸ›‘ fails or ⏱ doesn't run on time. It offers multi-channel alerts via the beautiful UI, Email, or Slack. As a bonus, you'll also see your monitor list update in realtime via the magic of Websockets. Think of it as your πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’ Engineering Safety dashboard . This is only the beta version and we've got a few improvements already on the roadmap including better mobile support and data analytics and insights for your monitors. We'd love feedback on improvements and any features you'd like to add. Oh, and one last thing: This is all FREE for the duration of our Beta program! You can create an unlimited number of monitors, and you can invite anyone to be part of your organisation. Happy monitoring 🐝