Design & Development process into a single easy to use app

Creo is a next generation Mac tool which aims to combine the Design and Development process into a single easy to use application. Thanks to our CreoKIT we always use NATIVE components and classes, no simulated or web based code is used.

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This is a really nice app that came out of private beta today. It merges design and development into a single process so that you can get a prototype built quickly.
This looks neat! When are you looking at launching support for Android?
@vectormein Would love to try it for Android. Looks awesome. Congrats!
@vectormein Have you tried It's for android. I've really enjoyed hacking on it.
You wrote "we are able to execute any iOS code under Mac". In the same way as simulator does? If not, why not use the simulator to run your code?
@sqlabs over the last few months what has been changed/updated/removed from Creo?
Are there any limitations? Does it have the capability to build all the different types of products that you can build with traditional programming languages.
@jacksitt yes, most common operations will be visual in order to speed up development but everything can also be created/manipulated using a programming language.