Credible: Reviews & Social Proofs

Personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs

Credible enables you to present personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs, so you can get more sales, collect more reviews, and become more credible. Credible can be easily installed on Shopify, WordPress, or custom website in just 1 minute.
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A much needed and useful product👏 I have been a paying customer of Aaron’s previous company and have been consistently impressed by his team’s work.
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Hey guys, so far we have only implemented a fraction of the features we planned for. There are many features we have in mind which we haven’t put into this product, for example, built-in analytics, automated A/B testing, automated optimization, inference and visualization of user preferences, auto user segmentations, and many others. If you have used social proofs in your e-commerce or SaaS products, we would love to know how important you think "reviews" and "personalization" are with respect to social proof. How strongly would you feel to give it a try / pay for a product like this? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.