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Yet another great product from the one and only @mubashariqbal with @sethlouey Great to see work being put in around a products journey so you can follow the updates and be in the loop :)
Thanks @bentossell. We really want to have a platform for creators to write about their decision making process and share the outcome within their community. We believe that Creators Log will be an excellent tool for startups and entrepreneurs. All feedback welcomed. :)
@bentossell Thanks for hunt Ben. Very pleased with how Creators Log turned out, much larger than the original idea that started in the Makerthon :)
Looking forward to keeping track of my various creations. :-)
@danielkempe Happy to have you onboard Daniel! Look forward to seeing how your projects grow :)
This is great. I had a similar idea a few months back. For me the biggest area I'd like to see this in is to see what makers are working on pre-launch. I like that this can give updates post launch too, but the pre-launch stuff I'm quite nosey about so that intrigues me. One feature which I couldn't spot (which I'm sure is on the roadmap if not already there), can a project having more than one maker?
@fredrivett Yep, that's definitely on the Roadmap, don't know exactly for when but a very important part of the journey is who you travel with, so we want to be able to share that with everyone.
@mubashariqbal Perfect, thanks Mubs πŸ‘Š
Fantastic idea. Would be great if you could offer a sign up option to be added to a beta list to test products before launch!
@samdickie87 Thanks Sam that's a neat idea! Adding it to the roadmap.
@samdickie87 This would be a great feature, but for now if a Creator writes a post about a beta program, the people who follow the project will get a notification about the post.
@mubashariqbal @sethlouey nice site, guys! Added my project. I'd love to see tags, discovery, and the stage that a project is at: concept, wireframe, alpha, beta, etc, and the Twitter feed from the official account. πŸ™Œ
@paulrobertcary Love it! If I wasn't so busy today, I'd be working on this list right now :)
@paulrobertcary Great idea Paul!