As a bonus to Episode 61 [listen HERE!], Bjork Ostrom from Food Blogger Pro & Pinch of Yum shares what he is geeking out about. Spoiler alert: He MIGHT be looking through your windows. The Automated Home- Nest Amazon Echo The Quantified Self- Heartrate Tracking Scales That Sync to Your Phone Bjork is fascinated with the idea that we are becoming more and more connected, but through the internet in tiny particles sent through files and time and space. Technology is such a huge part of our lives and has become about more than just consuming, but creating and connecting. Bjork thinks that we are always moving forward and making things better. There is a potential for increased quality of life, even if there is some shadow. He's an optimist. Meanwhile, I'm a little scared thinking about how fragile this world of technology is that we have built so much upon. It's all fine and dandy until the zombie apocalypse. That's my pessi-realism for you.