Crazy Dreamz: Best Of

1st-Ever Crowd Developed Game, 50% of revenues to players

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of collates and transforms the 100 best user-crafted levels from the 2D sandbox platformer Crazy Dreamz: Magicats Edition into an entirely new game experience - and what's more, those community creators will receive 50% of the game's revenue.

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Hello Product Hunters! At Dreamz Studio, we believe that gaming is much more than playing. For us it is the best way to discover new concepts and share ideas. With the same passion for gaming, we are a team of dreamers! (We also play the Smash together in the spare time!) MagiCats Edition came from a kid’s request: at an event, a 16-year-old player came and said: “I don’t want to play games, I want to create one by myself.” This sentence inspired us to create something, not a simple tool, but something that would inspire players to go beyond the basic tutorials and begin to craft genuinely inventive gaming experiences using coding as a tool. Since MagiCats Edition’s launched into the Steam Early Access program in September, the game's enthusiastic community has crafted more than 20,000 levels. When we saw how impressive some of the community levels were, we wanted to find a way to thank people for their hard work. We chose the way that we are good at: create a new game with them! Then Crazy Dreamz: Best Of came. As the first Crowd-Developed Game, Crazy Dreamz: Best Of will share 50% of its revenues with the selected creators for their hard work creating level. This fair concept seems to be the best way to highlight their incredible talent. We hope you will enjoy it. Have fun!