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Thanks so much for submitting this Ross. 🙌 Founder of Craves here. We build Craves in hopes of addressing a problem my wife was having trying to track down the clothes she loves. She'd have an album of photos and screenshots of clothes that she was inspired by/wanted to find where to buy, so she could try to track down later. Our goal is to make fashion discovery and shopping a painless experience by leveraging the help of visual search. We've added some familiar social features and sale notifications for anything you've "Craved" (aka favorited), just in case you like saving some money in the process. Happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Would love to hear any feedback!
@scormier good stuff! Trying toimagine who really wants this app?
@rocketclubco We're going to find out I guess ;). Our research, testing and instinct tells us that it'll probably skew towards females who are a little more fashion forward/conscious. They probably care a little more about finding the right item and a little less about saving money (though everyone ultimately loves a bit of a deal). Also, a recurring theme of the customer development interviews I did a while back was that our niche market kinda hates traditional shopping (malls, trying stuff on with friends, etc.). But maybe that part's not all that shocking ;) I'm quite curious to how these folks will ultimately end up using the app - comparison shopping, maintaining a wishlist, browsing to see what influencers are Craving or just checking out what their favorite celebrities are wearing. I guess now that we've launched the hard/fun work starts...
Craves is an iOS app that arms users with the ability to take pictures of items ( or people wearing products) they love at the moment of inspiration and get exact or similar, purchasable results, within seconds. I'm excited about the power of visual search and think Craves is one of those apps that could be the first of many to help change the retail and fashion industry. Great work from @scormier and the team!
See, snap, want, get. I love it! Can't wait to get out there and try it out.
Such an awesome app. Beautiful UI and UX. Really exciting to see how image recognition can be used in all kinds of ways to facilitate mobile shopping. We did image recognition of coupons in my startup, SnipSnap, but the potential for applying the tech to products and apparel is pretty mind blowing!