Be more than a resume. Show your skills.

Build a skills profile that shows what you can do and use it to win your next job. Don’t ask people to trust a resume or degree. Show them what you can do with a Crash profile!
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    Unique thinkers providing a helpful approach to building a fulfilling career


    Would love to see Crash coordinate some in person meetups and events in various communities.

    I've gotten more value from Crash in the past three months than I got out of seven years in university. This is not an exaggeration, and it is not even close. Nothing else needs to be said.

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  • Cássius Carvalho
    Cássius Carvalhofounder at YOUniversity

    Great and simple way to sell yourself and stand out on your job hunt.


    It's a new platform, so some functionalities aren't available yet (not a problem if you're a creative early adopter anyway :P)

    The coolest part about Crash isn't their product. It's the whole innovative take on how to crash your career that they promote. Check out some of their content to change your perspective and understand how to use their tool even better.

    Cássius Carvalho has used this product for one month.
👋 Hey! I’m Isaac, the CEO of Crash. We’re super excited to make this skills profile available! For the past five years, I ran a startup apprenticeship program, and we helped hundreds of young people with no degrees or experience get amazing jobs in sales, marketing, operations, and customer success. How? By showing them how to be their own credential with a body of work and add tailored pitches to each company. We created Crash to make it easy for anyone to do the same. The profile is our first product, and we want to make this as useful as possible, so give us feedback!
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Love seeing this out there, @isaacmorehouse. I, and many others, have expressed distaste for resumes. Historically they overemphasize name brand credentials (e.g. Stanford grad, ex-Facebook engineer). The bigger opportunity in recruiting and building a strong team is finding motivated, talented people that didn't come from those networks. I'm curious what you've learned so far with Crash and the types of people its attracting.
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@rrhoover it's been pretty awesome to see people using Crash who are either very early in their careers, or making a big career shift. They do not have a lot of experience or third-party credentials or other "check-the-box" type bullets, so they've got extra incentive to gain some relevant skills and show companies something that makes those things irrelevant! I think the thing I've noticed the most is the immense power of the tailored pitches. Hiring Managers are people too (weird, I know), and when candidates take the time to research the company and put together a tailored pitch the immediately want an interview. It's amazing! Even companies not hiring for that role at the time realize the chance to snag a great talent when they see someone put in that little extra work. The biggest challenge is still that a lot of us are stuck in the resume mindset (years of school can do that!), where we want to check some boxes and wait for an offer. Helping people reset expectations about the job seeking process takes some work. Old habits! But the payoff is awesome. A great skills profile with 10 tailored pitches will get greater returns than blasting a resume to 100 open positions! We're really hoping to make it as smooth as possible, and especially help those who aren't sure yet what roles are a good fit.
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In a world where people are too often focused on status and "signal" rather than people who can really make stuff happen, Crash is a breath of fresh air. It helps people who deliver succeed while also helping companies find these folks in a really noisy world. I'm proud to be involved with Crash and congratulate @isaacmorehouse and the team for taking an important first step toward changing the way people can get opportunities.
@mike_maples thanks Mike! You're a big inspiration, and we're working to bring one part of your Iron Man suit for the world dream to reality!
Love everything about this 🙌 Such a great way to develop a more engaging experience throughout the recruitment process. Is it possible to add custom domains and integrate analytics from GA?
Hey, @lachlankirkwood! No ability to add custom domains at the moment, but that is a feature we'll consider! What is your use case? Subdomain of your main site like, a landing page on your main site, or the entire site on its own? Likewise, no Google Analytics tracking integration for individual profiles. Building out our own tracking system is on the roadmap. This could be a good short-term solution. In the meantime, if you email me I'd be glad to pull relevant analytics from Mixpanel for your profile and pitches!
@chuck_grimmett This is a platform that I'd use all year round, not just for hosting resumes. I'm all for documenting my career progress openly, so I'd love to direct users to a custom domain for them to follow my journey. This almost seems like a much better alternative for, so having a custom domain would make a profile more discoverable. As for analytics, it'd be great to integrate GA or FB pixels so users could retarget potential employers with follow-up ads. I'm looking to transition job roles in the coming weeks, so once I build a profile I'll be sure to reach out! Awesome work!
Fun way to see how profiles and tailored pitches work here -