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I'm a 15 year old sophomore who decided to help people's digestion. Crappsy allows users to upload photos of their stool to have it scanned by my AI algorithm. The photos give you a "Crappsy score" out of 100 and health recommendations to help your digestion.
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I am a sophomore at The Bronx High School of Science and made Crappsy to help fix digestion for the many people who suffer from digestive issues. Users upload photos of their stool (poop) onto the website. The AI scans the photos and determines the health of the bowel movement. You get a "Crappsy Score" as a fun tracker of your long term intestinal health. And you also get health recommendations based on your individual digestive health. I also made an app version for ios and android. I hope you enjoy! ----- Step 1) Take a photo of your stool (poop) next time you're in the bathroom Step 2) Let the algorithm work and in seconds, determine the Bristol Stool Scale Score (a scientific measure) of your poop. Step 3) The score of this specific bowel movement will impact your overall Crappsy Score, which is out of 100 and is a fun way to measure gut health. Step 4) Head over to the "Health" tab and explore specific advice, recipes and products to aid you- all customized for your specific Crappsy Score! Continue this every day, and get a good picture of the health of your bowel movements, and more importantly: actionable steps to improve your health!