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Clark Valberg
@clarkvalberg · CEO at InVisionApp.com
The tools you use can have a powerful impact on your workflow. The perfect image can elevate something from good to great. And the ability to focus—to get in the zone—brings it all together. Combine it all, and something truly incredible can happen. We’re excited to share a new partnership we’ve embarked on with Getty Images to help you create that incredi… See more
Phil Aube
@aubephil · Designer
Cool. How does this differ from the previous version that used Unsplash? What makes it better? Share with us :)
Bryn Taylor
@bryntaylor99 · Visual Designer
After playing around with it Sketch — I’m having issues. We have an Essentials iStock account — no issues downloading images from iStock online — however, when trying to download the same image through the plugin it says an Essentials image costs 1 credit and then in the description below it says that it is a Signature image and costs 18 credits?
Askold Romanov
@askold_romanov · Founder of Vectorplace
@clarkvalberg what about great illustrations?
@huangdun · Product Designer | UWaterloo Graduate
My craft manager remind me new update every hour since last update with prototype feature... And I'm not sure if it's because my account, or I have to register for the support center, I can't login to the support center.