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Birchbox for craft beer: a monthly 12 pack feat. four beers.

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I haven't tried this yet, but I did come across a review for September here. I just signed up to try it out for a month or two. Every month they send you a 12 pack with four different styles of beer. The linked review said they send cans once a quarter, but otherwise they send bottled beer. Each beer works out to be around $3 each, which is pretty fair - especially considering shipping is free. The newsletter gives you a rundown on the beer and its brewery. They also send you a few glasses and a bottle opener with your first shipment, and have a 24 pk option for roughly $75/month. Looking forward to my first month.
I like the idea, just don't think the price point is where it should be. I can see this going for $25, still allowing the company to make money while giving the customer a great service. It'd also be cool to see them team up with breweries to throw in some swag from the brewery itself. Great starting point though.
@zaccoffman Personally, I'm used to spending $7-10 per beer at bars just to try something new - so the price point works for me. I won't reveal my monthly beer budget, because I *might* be embarrassed to admit how much I spend. It's a hobby ;) I can't see them being profitable at $25 per 12 pack, while being able to maintain variety in beer style, brewery, and region. Also can't see the end-user value in a ~$20 six-pack. But I definitely see what you're saying. Swag would be great, but a lot of small breweries may not have the budget for that the way the bigger guys do.
@stttories I also keep my monthly beer budget quiet lol, I'm sure many would say it'd be a danger zone. For some reason I was calculating my price point around a 6 pack. $25 would obviously be a loss to them. Would still like to see the focus on the swag part, but do see your point that some breweries may not have budget for that. Another factor there would be the logistics to get it to the Craft Brew Club's shipping area THEN ship out.