Coworker Coffee 2.0

Regular one-on-one's for better employee engagement

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Alan Garrec
@alangarrec · CoworkerCoffee.com, Montréal
How do you get to know people at work? How do you improve communication between departments? Coffee is a great place to start, but you can't just email Richard Branson saying: "Hey, I'm a new intern - fancy coffee?" So to take the weirdness out of it, many companies organise randomised coffees. This normally starts by HR matching employees in Excel and sen… See more
Eric Willis
@erictwillis · Working on something new
They've added user profiles, conversation starters, a scheduling assistant, manager accounts, bulk user import and multi-timezone support for global/remote companies.
Rich Morgan
Congrats on the new version Alan. It'd be cool if you could have random coffees with users cross-company, within similar industries maybe.
Nate Smith
@imns81 · Founder @ Gratify
@alangarrec How do you handle introverts in the office that may be fearful of trying this out for the first time?
Horea Burca
@horea4 · Co-Founder, Developer
Nice stuff, I think it's a really cool idea in today's context.