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Just S reviewedCovveYour AI-powered contacts assistant

Clean design, powerful system of finding contact info, multiple account support, generous free tier


Lags quite a bit on Android

I have used Covve for about five months and I have loved it. I used it in unison with Full Contact as I had a year of paid premium FC. This week, my year was up and I finally left Full Contact entirely for Covve. I find the updates to be very relevant, the global location view is surprisingly helpful, and the AI aspects, specifically the News Stories, are great. There is a lot of power under the hood with this app and I am still learning everything it can do.

As with any app there are always areas to improve. For Covve, I find the Android app to be laggy and often unresponsive with several force-closes per week.

Thank you to Covve for offering a premium trial to PH users so that I can gauge the worthiness of a paid account. This likely will convert me to a paid user!

I love using Covve, appreciate what it has brought to my workflow, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of their contacts and improve the data.

Just S has used this product for one year.
Alex Protogerellis
Alex Protogerellis@aprotog · CTO at Covve. Drone geek. DIY addict.
Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words - ecstatic that you're loving Covve. As the CTO I'm especially glad you appreciate, as you say, the "power under the hood" - there's sooo much cool stuff having behind the scenes 😉 From the AI-powered news engine (which is patent pending and a first, globally) to the way we find updates for contacts and plot them on the maps,, we're really proud of what the team have achieved! Regarding performance on Android - it is an area we're focusing on. For typical accounts (say, up to a few thousand contacts) and modern phones, performance tends to be excellent - but as you get closer to the 10k mark, depending on the device, performance can suffer. Rest assured though, its absolutely on our priority list to support even huge address books in the future! Hope you enjoy your Pro account and keep the feedback coming!