Hello solopreneurs, freelancers, the self-employed and gig workers! This resource page helps you easily navigate and apply for all your local financial aid options. There’s even a to-do list included to help prioritize next steps + immediate money saving tips!
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We really hope you all find this webpage helpful! We created this COVID-19 financial aid resource because as we learned more about the CARES bill and which resources were opening up to solopreneurs - for the first time ever in the US - it all just seemed so confusing. We pulled this together with our team and a few freelancing volunteers (thank you!!) to clear up some confusion and provide next steps with searchable content.* We’re hearing a lot of government and lending systems are still being updated to accommodate for funds disbursement, so we expect to keep updating this page with more and evolving info. Please feel free to share with freelancers you know or contact us with any edits and additions! Thanks for hunting us @hvost :)
This page was so useful to helping me figure out what I could apply to and where. I was getting all sorts of different suggestions from my friends and my accountant!
@elah Great! Thank you so much for letting us know :)
This webpage has been a huge help for me recently. It really guided me to understand what type of financial aid I would get with the new federal package as well as from the state because everything is pretty confusing. I have a few freelancer friends and have since forwarded it to all of them. The additional resources the page includes are also amazing — lots of tips and strategies to make it through this time. Thanks for making such a useful website!!
@tamara_rosin Thank you! Great to hear it's helpful. If you have any question or need some more info - Please let us know.
super-comprehensive and detailed, thank you!
Really helpful! During these complicated times this is essential. I'll come back here for updates Thank you!
@benjamin_tchetchik Thank you! Glad to hear it was helpful!