Labratfinder is bringing the latest information about COVID-19 research for professionals and a curious human beings. Service helps better understand what's happening in the world of COVID-19 research.
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Hi product hunters community, I'm the co-founder of Labratfinder. We are collecting and processing with AI millions of published peer-reviewed scientific publications, extracting the information about the researchers involved, products and techniques used. Regular Labratfinder products are highly targeted leads generation platform, allowing to dramatically reduce the cost of sales in life science industry and a product citation widget, allowing to showcase the product's "social proof" via demonstrating the references of the product in scientific publications. It's used in the internet stores and a product catalogues. When all the COVID-19 started we decided to help the community recover faster with whatever we can do. It turns out that our platform can be used to systemize the information about COVID-19 research. So here is our COVID-19 research digest allowing to: - See all researchers and research organizations on the interactive map - Discover most active and most reputable researchers involved with the list of respective publications - See major brands used in COVID-19 research with the list of respective publications - Discover the list of references by research and diagnostics technique. We hope this free resource will help everyone involved better navigate the world of COVID-19 research and possibly find a collaborators and a products for their research. Thank you for taking a look.
Amazing resource!! @micic thanks for sharing.
This is a brilliant product. I'm sure many from the science, research and general community will benefit from this. I've added some feedback on some of the pages - offering suggestions on how to improve usability in the pipeline. Please find the link here: Once again, amazing product and I hope your product does help people better navigate COVID research!
@christian_piponides Thank you for your feedback and the input! Appreciate it.
@christian_piponides Christian, it's great to meet you, I've commented on your document. Very valuable feedback, thank you!
This looks really good. @micic awesome!