Speech enabled lamp & open source smart home hub

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Hey guys! We're really excited to launch our second product Covi! Covi is a smart lamp from sand blasted glass with an aluminum base. We integrated microphones and a speaker so you can connect to speech services like Alexa. At the core, we've integrated a open source based smart home hub so you can automatically trigger your Sonos and the lamp as an alarm clock in the morning for example. We've tried to find the right balance between design and technology and wanted to create the first true smart furniture piece. We've also shared a lot about the manufacturing process if you're interested. Would be awesome to get your support!! Thanks so much!! Tobias COVI on Kickstarter:
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Here are some cool shots from the glass blowing process :)
Really cool, i got one! :) good luck guys
@silas_ade Thanks Silas. Do you have any other questions?
@tobias_eichenwald I've seen the production schedule on Kick-starter and it looks achievable, so i'm rooting for you guys. What's the plan after kickstarter?
@silas_ade After Kickstarter, we're going through 3 different production runs with our manufacturing partners, all in different batch sizes. The first pre-series will just be a handful of devices to make sure the production techniques all work at scale. The next batch will be a few hundred devices in which we test all last details. After that we move into mass manufacturing. Do you use any other smart home devices?
@tobias_eichenwald Not at the moment, so i;m looking forward to trying one out :)
@silas_ade Sweet :) Thanks again for the support. Really appreciate it!
With hardware Kickstarters, there's probably more risk to it than others but I've known @tobias_eichenwald for a while, and they've already had a successful hardware product Kickstarted and delivered to customers. Simply put, these guys from Senic are wicked smart, genuinely passionate and build insanely cool shit. My question as a hacker is, how customizable will Covi be? For example, can I change the trigger word from "Alexa" / "Covi" into something else?
@vu0tran Thanks Vu :) Trying our best. You should check out some of the videos from glass blowing. It's really beatiful. For your question: We've already open sourced the software of Covi including the OS: - For speech, we're also looking into different options. At the moment you can use Covi the same way you would use Alexa (just in a piece of furniture for people who care about design with some additional functions) by using the Alexa trigger word. - We're also looking into opening this up in the future as well as adding additional speech services / be open to other speech services. - You can also trigger speech by simply tapping the base of Covi. - It would be really great to hear what you would like to have access to?
This looks amazing! Having an open source hub makes it very special. What integrations are already in place? As a developer, how can I participate in the ecosystem?
@jaipandya Thanks Jai! :) We're working down a list of requested devices. The most common ones like Sonos and Philips Hue are integrated. - The best way to participate at the moment is to follow the repos on github: - Also, here is a basic overview of our developer documentation: - We've been busy with preparing the kickstarter campaign but will update a lot more information. - We also have a developer newsletter that you can subscribe to: Please let me know if you have any other questions!!
@tobias_eichenwald Thanks! That answers my question. All the best for the Kickstarter campaign.
@jaipandya Thanks so much!! Really appreciate it!
I love the design! But I have one question, how are you guys dealing with privacy? Is COVI always listening like the other speech interfaces?
@pompaskin Hi Alicia, thanks :) - Home automation: If you want to automatically start your Philips Hue in the morning, these sort of things all happen locally. - Speech: The device has two levels of speech recognition. The first level only happens locally where the device can only recognize the trigger word like Alexa. Only once the trigger word has been used, a connection to the cloud is opened (since the speech processing needs to happen there) I hope this helps! Thanks