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yoav hornung — Co-founder & CEO, +
Hi everyone, Yoav here, one of the "founders" of Coverr. why the dashes?
Coverr was built as a joint initiative between two startups "Veed.Me" & "CodersClan".
Since we experienced the need of homepage background videos from both sides; Video & Code, we decided to build something that will give these, for free - to the community.

Basically, Coverr lets you download any video that you want (mp4+webm+ogvimage) AND it also gives you code snippets to help you implement them (html,css,javascript). It's copyright free and always will be.

We will upload 7 new videos of 12-15 seconds each every Monday. we shoot them especially for Coverr.

Please let us know what you like, what features you'd like us to add. it's very basic now, but it works :)

We hope you like it,

CodersClan & Veed.Me teams
Marc Marius Mueller — User Experience Specialist
@yoavush This reminds me a little bit of Unsplash and similar sites that frequently upload free photos. Glad to see there is now an equivalent for videos. I'm looking forward to playing with it a bit more.

I really like that you already include the different formats + poster JPG. Sadly the example I downloaded (birds) looks rather pixelated. Do you generate them automatically?
yoav hornung — Co-founder & CEO, +
@muellermm hey! We love unsplash!
Actually, it's funny you mention the birds video, we just found out that our conversion got something wrong there, we will upload a new one shortly!
Marc Marius Mueller — User Experience Specialist
@yoavush Got to love a responsive team. Thanks!
Paul Curran — Artist/Techie
@yoavush I would love to see a wingsuit!
yoav hornung — Co-founder & CEO, +
@thepaulcurran That's a challenge! we'll see about that :)
Steven W — Nice guys finish lunch.
@yoavush Very cool service. I can't think of a use for it now but if I do, I know where to find the assets. Thanks!
Parker Agee — Software Engineer
Love free assets! Thanks for this site.

A few questions:

1. Shouldn't you include .OGV file type as a for Firefox?

2. Your CSS does not address mobile/tablet. Videos should be swapped out with .JPG or .GIF on mobile. Worth adding to the documentation?
Dror Cohen — CEO & Co-Founder, CodersClan
@parkeragee Hey Parker,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hopefully in the following week we will be adding support for mobile devices and OGV files.
Alan — Co-founder at LastMile
@drorco @parkeragee please keep me posted about mobile compatibility :)
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