A time-saving tool that generates a cover letter with only your name, the company you're applying to and your skills.

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Jordan Krueger
Organizer, activist, community builder.
This.... seems like exactly the opposite of what people should be doing? As a hiring manager, a cover letter is an extremely important part of helping the company understand the context of why your resume is worth considering. If you have a passion for the company's mission, and great alignment with the job description, finding the right way to make that clear in the cover letter is what will help land you the job. If you're generating cover letters with "minimal details," then you're pretty much guaranteeing your resume won't be looked at.
Jason Shen
CEO, Midgame: voice sidekick for gamers
@jordankrueger Agree 💯 with you. Cover letters are an opportunity for you to show your genuine interest in a company and use your own voice to express why you'll be able to solve their problems. I think what would be more interesting is seeing examples a great cover letters (possibly submitted by hiring managers with that person's consent) to give people inspiration (not to copy it).
Theo BendixsonSoftware developer, self-employed
@jordankrueger I agree, and there are many situations where you have enough information to say something tailored to the company you're applying to work at. But oftentimes you just don't have more to go on than their website. Applying to jobs is a numbers game. Only a small percentage will reply anyway. I already send generic cover letters when I don't have enough info to go on. This simply automates that process.
Hi Product Hunt! When applying for jobs, I got tired of making cover letters for each company. So I thought it'd be useful to make a custom cover letter generator — just input your name, the company you want to work for, some skills and a project and we'll generate a custom cover letter for you! I'd love some feedback on it. Thanks!
@lawrencewu_ hey Lawrence I’m looking to create a similar free tool for helping product hunters generate press releases for planning PR / product launches. Can we connect?
Matt SilvermanCofounder, Nutritionix.com
I think this more highlights why cover letters are an outdated and irrelevant part of the hiring process. Applicants don't want to waste time writing custom cover letters for every job they apply to, so they write generic ones. Hiring managers know that most cover letters are generic, so they generally don't read them. I would argue that writing one to two creative sentences about why you want to work for the company is more valuable than any generic cover letter.
Rick SheahanSoftware Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️
I view this as probably not practically useful for most, but a proof of concept for why cover letters are dumb most of the time. At least, the traditional format crammed into the modern web hiring pipeline
Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
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