Easy goal setting & OKR app for your team

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I've been using Cove for the past week to help me focus on my goals. But I see the value of having your team involved, as the added transparency is another motivating factor.
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@benhoffman_ its awesome that Cove is helping you stay focused on goals as an individual. We have spent a lot of time thinking about designing a product that will help teams AND individuals. Thx.
@benhoffman_ Sounds like its worth checking out for my team
@benhoffman_ It's great to hear you're using it and how you've recognized transparency as a benefit. I talk and write a lot about culture at startups/companies. Transparency is a huge part of a thriving company culture. If you have ideas/feedback on how to improve that, let us know.
Thanks Ben. Since we launched our OKR/Goals focused product late last year, we have lots of business teams using the app to track goals and create a culture of transparency and focus.
Weekly Sprints here we come!
@ashmotamedi , development teams have been using Agile methodology for a while and use lots of tools for that purpose (JIRA, Pivotal Tracker etc.). We want to bring that Agile philosophy/goals based management to the business teams with a easy-to-use app that doesn't take more than 2 minutes in a week.
Ben, its great to have you as a supporter of the product! We developed Cove to be an easy solution for teams to stay aligned on key goals and for everyone in the team to always have transparency on progress. All without complicated setups. Teams using us for goal setting and OKRs are rapidly growing every day and we couldn't be more excited to be introduced to the Product Hunt community.
@talentcove users, in the last couple of weeks, we have realized much-asked for features, including goal history graph and drag/drop goals into objectives. Check it out .