Courtmatics is the competitive edge for tennis players through the Smart Dampener, a smart vibration dampener, which provides instant coaching & detailed feedback. The app shows session-level analysis of 20 metrics – serves, ground strokes, volleys, footwork, & fitness. Users receive personalized coaching tips & videos based on their skill level.

Aaron Sagray
Dayal Saran
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    small, precise, connected: it really helps you improve your game



    smaa, precise, connected: it really helps you improve your game

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Aaron Sagray
Aaron SagrayHunter@asagray · Designer/Maker/Advisor
I've been working with the Courtmatics team for about a year, and they've really nailed the player experience. The app takes advice from pro circuit and collegiate tennis coaches and algorithmically marries the advice with data gathered from the Smart Dampener during each play session. That way, the player gets the instant feedback they need to improve their game. It's basically a tennis coach that married a Fitbit and had a baby. And you can buy that baby. Right now.