Minimalistic day-countdown macOS menu bar app

I made a pretty simple day-countdown app for myself, now I’ve decided to release it in the Mac App Store.

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Aleksander Popko
Aleksander PopkoMaker@aleksanderpopko · iOS📱& macOS👨‍💻 Software Engineer
Hi PH! Here is the story behind this little app: The second quarter of 2018 was a crazy time for me. A hectic time at work, wedding preparations, and waiting for the honeymoon (the longest vacation I’ve had during the last two years). On the one hand, I was feeling crushed by too many deadlines, on the other - I was just counting down the days to pack a suitcase and go to Bali 🏝. So, I looked through the day counters on the App Store but couldn’t find anything satisfactory. And that’s why I developed CountdownBar – my own pretty simple and minimalistic menu bar app. After coming back from my holidays, I’m still using it so, I decided to make it public. Features: - counts remaining days to a particular date - possibility to choose an event that is visible on the menu bar - possibility to add, remove, and edit your events - optional launch on login Thanks for reading! I will be grateful for any feedback!