Simple event countdown timer


Countdown is a simple, no-frils way to track upcoming special events. Track things like your next vacation, the weekend, your anniversary, or whatever else! Be creative and take joy in telling your coworkers exactly how long you have until you all leave the office on Friday.

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This down-vote has nothing to do with the app -- as I couldn't find it ( saw it on my desktop and browsed AppStore on my phone )

The first step of getting people to like / upvote your app is enabling them to find it --> use it --> solve the pain.

Step 1: Awareness ( thx PH )

Step 2: Get app ( fail. )

I imagine myself trying to tell anybody about this app. Oh, it's called Countdown.

20 minutes of scrolling through other apps named countdown -- they either choose the wrong app or give up.


Looks great.


Terrible name. Can't find it in the AppStore.