Couchsurfing Hangouts

Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required

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  • Amanda

    Great app, for meeting interesting people who have great perspectives on life and lots of experiences to share from their trips.


    There are a decent amount of people who try to us CS as a dating app, which is not it's purpose and can sometimes be annoying.

    I use the couchsurfing app all the time. It is how I made the large network (of English speaking) people that I have since moving abroad. I go to their weekly meetups, picnics, and other events as well meet people through the hangout when I'm bored. I've stayed with two hosts and meet up with other travelers and locals when I'm traveling as well as meet on a separate trip with one of those travelers. Recommend to anyone who wants to expand their horizons, meet interesting people, and become a global citizen.

    Amanda has used this product for one year.