CouchQuiz v2.0

Apple TV Trivia Game. Now with 6 Player Multiplayer!

@ay8s Good work! Just played it and successfully defeated my opponent. 🎉 Few comments: 1) While playing, I couldn't decide which screen to look at. The focus was shifting from TV to phone and back. I think the major reason for that is not having the countdown timer on the iPhone app. It's definitely more fun to look at the TV but then you have to look at the phone to submit the answer. 2) Gameplay layout is different in the app than it is on TV. If someone is reading the question on TV, it can get confusing when you look at the phone to submit the answer since the layout is not the same. Maybe the landscape mode on iPhone app would be more appropriate, since it would allow you to replicate the layout on TV. 3) It happened twice that there was no question text displayed. The white box was empty but strangely, the answers were there. The question text was also not displaying in the app in those two cases (in one case the answers were countries ("new year" category) - maybe it helps you with debugging 😊). Otherwise, thumbs up. 👍
@stuhecdamir Thanks so much for the feedback Damir! Totally agree with the difficulty deciding which screen to look at when answering along with the layout. The remote app hasn't had the same care as the main TV app so will hopefully will be able to improve that with updates in the next few weeks. :) Thanks for mentioning that, will dig through and see if I can replicate that case. We had some similar issues in an earlier version so might be a content issue or just some auto layout issue somewhere. :) Thanks again for the feedback! Super useful!! :)
@ay8s No problem! Would love to test new versions. :)