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Nathan Peretic
Nathan PereticMaker@nathanperetic · Co-Founder, Cotton Bureau
Hey, look, we’re on Product Hunt! Hit us up if you have any questions. Also, I'll just leave this little discount code right here: PRODUCTHUNT20 gets you 20% off your order for the next week or so. It can be tough to evaluate a physical product just by looking at the website, so grab a shirt or two to get a feel for our quality.
Andrew Condurache
Andrew Condurache@acondurache · Making, breaking, remaking
Jonathan Kupferman
Jonathan Kupferman@jkupferman · Developer of Gifs
I've bought at least 5 shirts from Cotton Bureau (including the one I'm wearing right now) and I really like them. The shirts themselves feel great, super soft while still strong enough to hold together. The designs are also really sweet.
Pranay Srinivasan
Pranay Srinivasan@utekkare · Onwards - Founder, *Coming Soon*
Hey Sourceeasy is a perfect manufacturing partner for you! Do check us out!
Clark Wimberly
Clark Wimberly@clarklab · UX Designer
Solid, solid folks. Bought a number of tees from The Bureau, as well as attempting to print one myself (failed, a couple shirts shy). Would.