Compare and calculate the fees of popular payment providers

#1 Product of the DayJune 22, 2019
Simple web app to compare the fees of popular payment providers, calculate their costs and predict your revenue. Feel free to play with various sales screnarios.
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Hello everyone 🙌 I created CostMe to make our businesses more easier 👌 Basically, You can: 🆚 Compare the fees of popular payment providers, 🧮 Calculate the costs based on various sales screnarios, and 📊 Predict your revenue from each provider. ✨The Idea 7 days ago, I had a discussion with friend who will launch his product. We debate about which payment gateway should he choose 😂 Then I create a Spreadsheet, basically it will calculate the costs from 2 payment providers with various sales scenario. So I post it to telegram group and tweet about it. But then, people start demands to adding more features and adding more payment gateway. Its quite hard actually to people (especially on mobile device) to read a complex spreadsheet. So, I must create a complete web app? Opss... 😆 🧰 The Process So I boot my PC and start writing codes, hours to days I forgot everything else including my another project. I got really great experiences while creating CostMe and big thanks to community for pushing me up every day 😘 🎉 The Launch Day Well here we are, I finished it 🤸‍♀️ I hope you enjoy it and if you have anything to say, just let me know. I will take every request very seriously 🙏 🔥 What's Next? 💎 I will improve the user experiences 💰 Adding more payment providers ⚒️ Adding more features 📡 Price change notification?? 🖥️ Create more sites like CostMe to compare another niche like: VPS, CDN, Travel Budget, Gasoline Usages, Property Costs etc. PS: Thanks to for awesome logo and video 😍
@fauzio Congratulations on the launch Fauz!!! this tool is very useful for me, i use it quickly to check how much i will get for my product and also the cost to various payment providers. I'm going to use this for my upcoming projects!
Thanks bro @fajarsiddiq you are awesome. I'm impatient about your upcoming project 😍
@fauzio You're most welcome my bro! Just ship it!
This is great! I always wanted to know how much it costs to use a payment gateway in the long run. Making these calculations in an excel is time consuming and this one is a great time saver. At a quick glance I can understand what is worth it to use for my business. Thanks for making this @fauzio. Looking forward for more products like these.
thank you very much @naquiuddin I hope you enjoy using it 🙏

I hope, you will keep adding other comparison as you committed on site, Also showing graph/cart beside numeric values will be awesome.


Simple, Easy to make decision which gateway should I use, and save time


Can't find any

thank you dude, that's great idea. I will update the next version with chart
@fauzio and Euro and GBP support, as US is only a small margin to the rest of the internet, UK consumers spend more online per head of population than the US.
Thank @jamie_ross for the suggestions 🙏 Yup, I will update the next version with more complex features such as multi currency and fees based on your business location.

This is super useful for makers. The precision of the calcuations are important. It calculates costs for US/ Non-US and provides prices for once off fees and subs.


Helps to make choices between payment processors.



Thank you for using CostMe. 🙏 I will add more accurate calculation with including where your business located. So, you will be able to see more accurate results 😊