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Explore the community-powered cost of living insights 🌏

#2 Product of the DayNovember 07, 2019
Explore the community-powered cost of living insights and contribute easily.
✅Explore city prices in 55+ categories
✅Contribute to prices by approving or creating a new one
✅Nice and mobile friendly UI
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Hey, folks! 😺 We're developing to see the cost of living data in a more meaningful way and to contribute easily. While examining many sources in the development process, we tried to decide which of the data we obtained was more important. The two biggest problems we had while researching the cost of living data in line with our own needs were; to continue to look at the pages with all these data and to ensure the accuracy of the figures. After we realized the results, we decided to make a fresh cost of living website which has community-powered insights. And, the feedbacks are welcome!
@mucahittutuncu Really cool info! Wish I had this before I moved to San Francisco, moving here and seeing my expenses double overnight was not a good surprise. Sidenote: here's a couple of pointers to make the site even better :) -
Hey @kanad_bahalkar! Oh... Good luck with SF :) Thanks for the feedbacks, these are nice! We're gonna fix it soon 🤞🏻
do you use numbeo api?
Hello @angrigoryan__ 👋 Yes, we collected the initial city information from Wikipedia and Numbeo.
Excellent product, I always wondered why there was nothing else but Numbeo for this purpose as Numbeo seems like it never develops any new features and looks like a site built in the early 2000's. Feature request: Would be cool to have some indexes like 'best purchasing power' ranked in a table. Dream request: Allow me to rank cities based on salary and purchasing power and tailoring results to the users title (PM, Engineer).
@luikohl Thanks! I can say that your feature request is on the way :) Stay tuned! Also, the "dream request" is a great idea we'll add to the roadmap.
What does the orange and green colored dots mean?
@berkan_unal I think when cost of living > average salary it's orange (kinda bad). otherwise it's green(you can make savings).
Would the the ability to rank cities by different filters!
@jamesrubio Thanks! It's on the roadmap 🎉