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A new way to get things done online. Cortex stores your websites and files in one place and organizes them into tasks. It lets you focus on one thing at a time without losing sight of the big picture. Available for desktop - sign up for early access.
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Hello! I'm Dylan, a high school junior and maker of Cortex. Cortex rethinks productivity by grouping user content into tasks, instead of using windows and tabs, which can be annoying to manage. It is built around efficiency, replacing old and distracting desktop designs with ethical and context-based features. By putting all of the user's content in one place, Cortex aims to be the new digital workspace. Although Cortex is task-based, we understand that users might want to do something quickly without starting a whole new task. Users can pull down from the top of the screen to open quick access, a though bubble that lets users jot down quick thoughts or save websites for later. Cortex also features the context center, a small panel at the bottom of the screen that tells the user what they're viewing and lets them search for content. By offering context and building around the user's natural workflow, Cortex rethinks the way that we work. When we sit down at our computers to get things done, we often spend more time finding content than we do interacting with it. The design of the modern desktop never truly changed to adapt to the way that we work, as well as how we work. People are using multiple apps, files, sites, and tabs, but are still losing track of their data. In addition, they are using multiple accounts and services to store their data, but can never see all of it in one place. Cortex solves this by storing all of the user's content together, grouping related content by task, and giving users more context as to what they're doing. We are opening up Early Access today and sending out our first invites within the next few days. Thank you for all of your interest -- we are super excited for you to enjoy Cortex with us! Please feel free to ask any questions below or reach out at
Congrats on the launch!
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