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Are you a startupper? Or are you an investor?
To both, STOP wasting time by searching for the right investments! Join our platform and we’ll find you the perfect business partner. You’ll just have to meet and approve each other, nothing more.
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Hi Product Hunters! 👋 We'd like to get feedback from you! Ask us whatever you want and let us know what you think about our platform 😎 Don't be shy 🤗
@elisa_veronese Hi Elisa, cool idea, I've registered with the invite code provided here since yesterday and my order is still processing, is it normal?
Hi @tapkain! Thank you for having registered!:) Yes, it's normal. Yesterday we received a lot of new subscriptions and we are still processing them. Don't worry, soon you'll join us!
Hey there! I’m Daniele, the founder of Corptape, and I’m really excited to share my work with the PH community! Remember, do not miss the discount codes at the end of this comment! ⚠️ The problem As every startupper knows, turning a simple idea into a fully-detailed concept is a challenge; presenting that idea to the world and making sure the audience gets involved is even more challenging. And besides, if you don’t have suitable contacts, it’s difficult to get in touch with investors. On the other hand, being an investor is not that simple. You have to search for startups that fit your investment needs, you have to contact them, negotiate and then hope to reach an agreement. 💡The solution Corptape is the new platform that puts in communication startups and investors, skipping all the difficulties and loss of time linked to investments and fundraising. Corptape’s idea is to democratize the investment process and make it accessible to everyone: it’s for all kinds of startups, from ideas to late development stage, as also for every investor, from amateurs to experts. That’s not all: we offer our investors the chance to invest with others, so you won’t feel alone in this experience. 💻 How it works You (both startups and investors) just have to join our platform, filling the form with all your information. To startups, we offer two different subscriptions: one year or lifetime subscription; to investors, we propose a single package that lasts one year (BUT if you make an investment during that year, we’ll renew your subscription for free for another year). 🌎 Furthermore, startups can share their ideas on our personal community in which they will have a Reputation Score that shows how helpful and active they are in the community. And they will also have the chance to gain Startup Coins (our personal currency) by answering rewarded questions: every few Startup Coins you’ll get exclusive discounts to be used on our products (1-year subscription or even the lifetime subscription). The more you are active in the community, the more you collect discounts. 🎁 Surprises for PH 🚀Startups: here you have our discount codes! But remember: the Lifetime Package discount is only valid 50 times. So, hurry up! -PHFREELIFE (Free Lifetime Pack) -50PHLIFE (50% on Lifetime Pack) -PHFYSTAR (Free Year Standard Startup Pack) -50PHSTAR (50% on Standard Startup Pack) You have to go to, select the package you prefer (Startup or Lifetime Pack), then click on “Sign up now” and “Check out”. At the top of the form you will find “Have a coupon?”, click on it and just type the discount code. If the discount code has already been used, the phrase “Coupon X does not exist!” will appear. Try another one, you'll probably have more luck! 💼 Investors: here you have our discount codes! But remember: there are just 5 Free Subscription and only a few other discounts. So, hurry up! -PHFYINV (Free year Investor Pack) -80PHINV (80% on Investor Pack) You have to go to, click on “Sign up now” and then “Check out”. At the top of the form you will find “Have a coupon?”, click on it and just type the discount code. If all discount code has already been used, the phrase “Coupon X does not exist!” will appear. Try another one, you'll probably have more luck!
Hi Daniele, this is a great idea. I can identify with your tagline of connecting startups and investors. But the subscription pricing model worries me - Is there a reason to go subscription over taking a cut when a potential deal happens? Great pitch btw :)
@sssaini Hi, we started for free but from both sides, startups and investors were using our product giving it no value. We started at a cheap price and we saw startups and investors using it better, updating their information and giving us good feedback. Moreover, startup side, we're giving away lots of lifetime value plan. Investor side you can have the first year for free and if you make an investment with us during that year, we will renew th next year for free! It's basically free
@daniele_mogavero2 Hi Daniele, please excuse my naivety, I didn't realize the free lifetime plans for startups to try out. Just registered!
Excellent idea. A well needed product!
Hey, this looks neat. But do I have to create separate accounts on and Because I can't seem to log into with the account credentials that I just created on 🤔
Hi @talwarutkarsh! We're happy that you registered on Corptape! Yes, you have to create two different accounts and then you'll receive the invitation to join the Startup Community. It is all explained in the confirmation emails you should have received. If you have any doubts, please write us :)
@elisa_veronese I only received order confirmation and completion emails from and nothing else explaining the process. I am still not sure how to sign up on 😕
@elisa_veronese @talwarutkarsh Hi! That's a good hint, we'll sure add something similar. You should have received an e-mail asking form confirm your account creation. Could you please check your spam?