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The best way to get in touch with your favorite contact.

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Hi PH, I am the creator of this app and would love to get your feedback. Core simplifies your life by giving you a direct line to your one favorite contact - in my case my wife. Just click the app button and the call is placed. Would love to know what you guys think and how to make it better. Thanks
@manuel_rappard How does this work exactly given "apps" have to be launched and their is an initial on-boarding which is actually tedious/energy used. Does this work as in you go through the step to setup a speed dial and once you launch the application it starts to call the contact? That would be great but my next question what problem specifically is this solving and for who Manuel? Given the app only supports "Enlglish" and the market for voip based apps in general is more in Asia and Europe I'm confused where in America/what demo is having this issue. I guess this is more of a "panic" button which would be fine but the productizing needs work then. It isn't clear why it exists.
@manuel_rappard I get the "safetrek" approach for women especially. Top #13 grossing app in lifestyle it will be a top #5 grossing app soon only overshadowed really by Tinder. I get that but where does the current iteration of this product fit into that value add? Also the name/logo mark is a poor choice if you're aiming for a brand here. There is always a selfish inherent psychology for any of this no one needs apps to when you empower someone in a very incredible way and give them a super power the promise is always front and center as to what you enable them to become. Safetrek is trying to offset sexual assult you guys aren't...I don't see what outside of the favorites list on every phone/contact app your offering solves at scale. I know you can get 10 people to use this but 100,000 a 1 million without huge churn? The data doesn't support that unless this is an alpha build and you have a lot in store. Not to mention this new generation doesn't call as much as they text/message which is why you need psychology and the right premise on your side to go after a solid vertical that does call and wants to do so.
@manuel_rappard Also friendly ASO advice statistically "Utilities" is a male dominated category, and you're productizing as if this is aimed at women you'd want to be in Lifestyle.
@nicholassheriff Thanks for your comment. The app allows you to set one contact on "speed dial". You will only have to go through the setup once. The app will dial your contact at the click of the app icon button. I developed this app from a personal pain point. Mainly when I was driving, wanting to call my wife but couldn't be distracted by going through my contacts or favorites to find her number.
@nicholassheriff The app was primarily a solution to a personal pain point and my first foray into iOS development. With that said you bring up very interesting points. I might consider developing it further to meet the specific needs of a larger audience.