Cord-Cutter Express

Find the perfect cable replacement

Flixed will match you to the perfect cable replacement in under 5 minutes. Tell us what channels you like to watch and a few other details. Our algorithm will do the rest, recommending the best streaming service for you.
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Thanks for the hunt @hnshah! I'm super excited to launch Cord-Cutter Express. If you guys have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate to comment or reach out! :) A few quick highlights about CCE: - Users go through a 5-minute process to pick their channels, devices, and other watching preferences. We then use a proprietary algorithm to match them to the best streaming service. - We currently support every major live TV streaming service. - We support 350+ channels. This includes every channel offered by any of the major streaming services.
Flixed is a dead simple way to determine which streaming service is best for you based on what channels you like to watch, the devices you watch on, the number of streams and if you want a cloud DVR or not. Take a little quiz and get an answer. That simple. Check it out!
I live remotely moving cities every few months -- Flixed was the easiest way to discover and access the channels I wanted

Asks your desired channels, number of streams, devices you will use, and factors everything into your ideal service (desirable and value option!)


Easy navigation and quick results — saves a ton of time on Google & Reddit!


Would be cool to have 'recommended channels' instead of going through + seeing what caught my eye

Good comment actually. Maybe like a list of popular channels to start?