Improve your website copy based on data from your audience

Copytesting is an audience research tool focused on website copy.
It tells you what your target audience thinks of your website copy, gives you quantified data on where your copy falls short, and why. So you could fix it, and improve your conversion rate.
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Hey, PH! I'm the founder of Copytesting (and CXL). For years I was a conversion optimization pro, and it always frustrated me how little data was available for me to do copy optimization. If you wanted to optimize your website copy - take what's there and make it better - there's really no data-driven way to go about it. Because you don't have any data on it. - Does the headline make people want to keep on reading? - Are the arguments you're making even stuff that people care about? - Do they understand what you're trying to say? - After reading everything, what remains unclear? Do you have data on this? You don't. Web analytics nor heat maps don't show you anything about the copy. User testing is not designed for this. So in most cases, you're left with gut feel and opinions. Considering how important copywriting is for marketing and conversion optimization, it's pretty crazy. I think it's insane there's no data available that will tell you which parts of your copy suck, what's unclear, or which parts really hit it home. Until now that is. Copytesting gives you this data. So you can improve your copy, and increase your conversion rates.
@peeplaja Great work, and great idea, congrats on the launch
@peeplaja Congratulations on the launch. I tried your service a couple days ago and the result was fantastic. We received some great feedback on our copy and we are making improvements. Great service. Highly recommend!!
@peeplaja I know you probably want to sell this bad boy to marketing teams all across North America (or the world). But, I bet the word 'sales' scares you and your co-founder. I'm a former SaaS sales professional and I made a tool for start-ups/small teams to help turn non-professional sellers into professional sellers. It's almost like training wheels for sales. The best part? It enables buyers to buy easily and with confidence. Website: Email: More than happy and willing to provide some sales coaching/sales process adherence tips :) Omar
This needed to exist. And now it does. Can’t wait to use it!
@hnshah I think so too! And looking forward to your feedback
This reminds me of UserTesting but with a greater focus on copy. I've found a lot of value in UserTesting but they switched their entire focus to the enterprise and long-term contracts so it's no longer usable for us. I'd love to try this out for something we're building at Product Hunt.
@rrhoover Thanks! It's similar in that sense that there are real people and a panel, but user testing is different. Its primary function is usability testing - seeing how easy it is to perform certain tasks on the website. It typically offers little insight on copy, but indeed has some overlap. Copytesting is 100% about the copy (and the surrounding design elements). We ask our panelists research questions about each specific content block - so the inputs are very granular. Resulting data is a mixture of quantified (clarity and relevance of each copy block) and qualitative (answers to open-ended questions). Average panelist spends ~35 minutes answering questions.
@rrhoover @peeplaja Sounds interesting. So, you have a pool of panelists who evaluate the copy? Can we see them listed somewhere?
My first thought was: "Wait. This didn't this exist already!?". Considering that copy is HUGE for conversions, it makes sense to focus on that above all else (like button colors). So yeah, this looks like a super helpful tool.
@backlinko Ha, I know right! When I first had the need for this, I googled frantically and asked all the copywriters I know. I was amazed it didn't exist. Now I'm glad I had the opportunity to build it.
This is awesome - a long-missing tool in the conversion/growth marketer's toolbox. Copy is one of the easiest things to change thanks to content management systems and A/B testing tools, but you never really knew what to test in place of what existed. Now, you can bring quantified understanding to identify the best opportunities to improve your results. Congrats @peeplaja on building for a true need out there!
@morganb Thanks Morgan, means a lot coming from you!