Copy Paste List

Quick, unformatted, copy and paste-able lists of everything.

Need a list of every country? States in the USA? Chemical elements?
Copy Paste List List skips the annoying popups and formatting, and delivers you the list you are looking for fast.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Previously known as Plain Text List, now rebranded as Copy Paste List, and built from the ground up to be faster and better than ever.
@bennett_feely I love this idea. My 2 cents, take it to the next level by making "subscribable" lists. Basically someone create a list and people can subscribe, be notified when it is updated by the owner
What a cool and useful idea. But I can't imagine it will be fun maintaining this list for everyone!
Wow, this is awesome to have for copy/pasting real data into PRDs, wireframes, and the like.
I really like the design ! So simple & awesome.
Cool idea. Would this work with youtube?