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doug williamsย โ€” founder @withcopper
โฌ†๏ธ Upvote if you've ever forgotten a password or abandoned a signup form!

Copper is a service for developers who want a seamless, always-improving signup and signin flow in their websites and iOS apps. We remove friction so more people become and remain users, while makers ship faster and maintain less code.

Give Copper a try, create an app if you are developer, and share your reaction, please ๐Ÿ™Œ.

๐Ÿ—ฃ to @gwil, @erondu, @keesan, @sandofsky, @verbagetruck and @jeremygoldbrg for making a hell of a team.
David Iwanowย โ€” Director Of Strategy, BlueGlass
@dougw love the idea but found two very annoying bugs... the first i can't enter the numbers with the number pad on my keyboard, the second bug reduces the size of the popup as I enter each character on my email. Also I'm in The Netherlands and it works here :)
Mike Khristoย โ€” Builder. Maker. Operator. Entrepreneur.
@dougw congrats Doug!
doug williamsย โ€” founder @withcopper
@davidiwanow thanks. what type of device, OS and browser? We'll take a look.
David Iwanowย โ€” Director Of Strategy, BlueGlass
@dougw ah windows 10 machine in Chrome
doug williamsย โ€” founder @withcopper
@davidiwanow thank ya. stand by.
Amit Tiwariย โ€” Software Engineer, galleri5
Congrats, I love how simple you guys have made the whole auth process. Although I have one question, in your website you show that when user is authenticated, I get his/her name, email and probably a profile pic, how do you guys get that info? Does that info gets updated for all the services that use cooper whenever a user updates his/her info, assuming that he/she can?
Chen Zeevย โ€” Founder and CEO. Sourmash Labs Inc
@dougw what happens if I change my phone number, and forget to update copper before losing access to that number? That means once the carrier recycles my number and gives it to someone else, they can get into my account?
doug williamsย โ€” founder @withcopper
@davidiwanow the issue with some international phone numbers is fixed, so give it a try. We're also learning about a common bug on Windows machines with the number pad which we are looking into as I type.
Tibor Martiniย โ€” Product Manager
@dougw would be great if country codes were working with both + and 00
doug williamsย โ€” founder @withcopper
@pipipzz we ask the user for anything we don't have, but always remember it. In the ideal case, we have everything an signing up becomes one tap.

You can give this a try yourself:

- go to and create an app.
- scroll down to the section where you can "Take Copper for a test drive section" and select various scopes, see how the experience varies when you request information we don't yet know vs. do.

With this, our goals are to 1) put users in control of their information, 2) only share with their permission, and 3) remove as much friction as possible. How'd we do?
@davidiwanow @dougw Same problem. Also I had to do it three times before the code worked.. which I imagine is just the starting up teething pains, but a point to note is that the second SMS I got seems to have sent me an SMS message entirely in Chinese.
Amit Tiwariย โ€” Software Engineer, galleri5
@dougw Awesome :)
Will Jensenย โ€” Co-founder,
@dougw @gwil @erondu @keesan @sandofsky @verbagetruck @jeremygoldbrg Awesome work guys!! As an American living in Sydney, I'm used to having issues with my AU mobile number... but not this time! Kudos
Tristan Celebiย โ€” iOS Developer
@dougw Worked with my German number. But tried a few times. While I was typing it deleted my number... I am now in the Copper. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
@dougw @davidiwanow similar problem here, using win 10 chrome and when I try to enter the code numbers in the pop-up, the numbers disappear immediately as a type them! please let me know when bug is fixed, would love to try this, thanks.
David Iwanowย โ€” Director Of Strategy, BlueGlass
@aric_boyles @dougw ah Aric just use the normal numbers above the keyboard and it works fine, it's just the number pad on the right that I found was causing the issue
@davidiwanow @dougw That worked thanks. Odd how the keyboard on the right worked for entering the phone number just not the confirmation code. Weird bug!
@bulleitandcoke @dougw Doesn't look like they support transferring accounts to a new line yet.
Chen Zeevย โ€” Founder and CEO. Sourmash Labs Inc
@irfaan I actually don't care as much about losing access to my account, as I am about someone else being able to log into my account once the carrier recycles my old number. Seems like an urgent issue to address...
David Iwanowย โ€” Director Of Strategy, BlueGlass
@aric_boyles @dougw ah yeah it must be a different character code
Steven Rueterย โ€” Developer
How is this different from Digits?
Gary Fungย โ€” Devsigner. Founder, isoHunt
@rueter I second the question
Gregory Stormย โ€” Founder, Storm Factory, EmSee
@rueter I'm curious as well.
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