3 2 1 ! Create day counter on menu bar macOS. πŸš€

What is Coountdown?
Coountdown app is a day counter. Name your event. Select your date. Choose your favourite colors. Create a day counter. Easy to use and it's free. 😁
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Hello PH! πŸ˜† Now, you can make day counter on menu bar macOS by Coountdown. πŸ”₯ Features (Desktop app) - Make a day counter. - Notification upcoming event. - Color your event block. πŸš€ Roadmap - Coountdown for iOS. - Improve performance desktop app. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»Developer (Knowledge and tech stack) Frontend (I very love this. ❀️) I use create react app (CRA) and Electron to make Coountdown. It' my first electron project. I use Prisma and Heroku to make API and database management. 3 2 1 πŸš€ It's launch time. Ta Wei
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@colevels Congratulations on the launch Ta Wei!! Really love this app!
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@fajarsiddiq It's feel excite when product launched. πŸ”₯
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@colevels I'm so happy for you!
Great job!! 😊 I'm going to be trying this only on windows when you plan to build one
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Downloaded. Looks awesome, nice and clean. Hoping to see a "today widget" feature in the future
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Nice work one thing on mac saving the date isnt very intutive... pressing enter doesnt seem to work
Thank you so much for this! Have been looking for a tool that did just that and was well executed. Already gave it a try and loved the experience. Keep it up with he great work :)