Cooked Pro

Build your very own recipe community with WordPress.

Cooked Pro gives you the features to build a recipe community with WordPress. Ingredients, directions, nutrition facts, galleries, timers & so much more. All of this, packed into a beautiful, easy to use plugin. Add sharing, recipe submission, ratings, favorites and more with the Cooked Pro upgrade.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @justinscheetz, Can you tell us more about why you built how people have been using it?
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Justin Scheetz
Founder, Boxy Studio
@jacqvon Thanks for commenting! There are very few recipe plugins available for WordPress and the majority of them either lack in features, are bloated with features, or they hit that sweet spot but the design and user experience is lacking. I felt there was room for a recipe plugin that could fill both needs. I released the free version of this plugin a few months ago and it quickly gained traction, which was a great motivator for me. I built and released the Pro version to support even more features like social sharing, community features like ratings and favorites, user profiles, recipe submissions, etc. Basically the Pro version allows for much more community interaction with the recipes. People have been using it for all different types of recipe sites. I've seen health-centric recipes, coffee recipes, even cannabis recipes! :)
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Matthew EiermanCEO - - Entrepreneur & Chef
Looks interesting will try out soon
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