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Email Marketing Automation via Amazon SES and Sales Automation via Gsuite/Gmail/Office365

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Great job Nayib and German! ConvertLoop looks awesome!
I use Convertloop for my E-commerce website Since we started segmenting our customers with their powerful segments tool and sending really targeted emails based on specific events and contact attributes our sales have increased by 20%. This is a better ROI than what we where getting by using Facebook and google ads. I am extremely happy with the product and recommended for all web-based companies.
Thanks a lot @ozu99 for using @Convertloop. Really happy to see the great results you have obtained so far!
I'm curious about the kind of workflows the app can automate and express using business rules. Do you plan working on some ML or AI algorithm to sort out some data analytics for growth hacking?
Thanks @camilo_jimenez for your excellent question. One of our motivations for creating @convertloop was to free our users from limited, pre-set automation business rules to create workflows . ConvertLoop gives you the opportunity to create any rule based on an accurate segmentation of your users, where not only can you track what they are doing with your product, but also send specific “metadata” related to each event you are tracking. This gives you the possibility to create really precise segments (audiences) using our powerful Smart Segmentation Tool, to easily build and automate any workflow you need to optimize your user life cycle (you can check out our API here: Regarding the ML/AI approach you are interested in, yes: we are a data-driven company that aims to optimize the online user’s life cycle through a better understanding of their behavior, enabling you to communicate with them in the right way, at the right time. We’ve already started working on and testing our ML/AI algorithms, and it is definitely a main part of our Company’s medium-term vision. I hope this was helpful, and thanks again for your question!.
@anayib What are some key differences between InfusionSoft and ConvertLoop?
Hello @stephenchip ! Thanks for your great question. Actually, some of our current clients have asked the same question before switching from the marketing automation service of the software you mentioned. Here are a few reasons they gave us on how their life changed with ConvertLoop: 1. You do not have to design complex visual flows. Our customers segment their users with our powerful Smart Segmentation Tool, and simply define entry and exit rules for their sequences, without the need of creating visual flows. This saves them a lot of time. 2. You can create as many Apps/Sites as you want under the same ConvertLoop User Account, starting at US$19/month per App. Furthermore, you can set as many Apps/sites as you want as “Testing” Apps/Sites, so you will never have to pay for them. This gives our customers the possibility to have separate Sites/Apps with centralized databases, all at an affordable price. For those companies that really need to separate their databases (for example, when your product has presence in 25 countries), and do not want to risk your collaborators sending the wrong messages to the wrong people just because there was a mistake with the tags or segments they selected. 3. You can add unlimited collaborators/team members to each of your Apps with no extra cost. 4. The data you can send to ConvertLoop to create highly accurate segments, is limitless and really detailed, giving you a centralized data base with no duplication, and organized in a way that you can create really accurate segments to automatically communicate with them. Let’s say you want to track if someone has bought credits in your App, but you also want to record the specific number of credits they have bought, the amount they paid for them, and the payment method that they used. ConvertLoop allows you to do this because we record every event with specific details associated to each of them, so that you can create really specific segments later. For example, you could create a segment such as "All the people that have bought more than 100 credits for over US$10.000 and haven’t started using them in the last week", in case you want to motivate those specific customers to use their credits. All this is possible thanks to our Smart Segmentation Tool. 5. You have limitless tracking for events and for detailed attributes associated to your events (as mentioned in Point 3). 6. Finally, it is important to highlight that we are not in the field of sales automation, and we are not a CRM. We are mainly focused on optimizing your user life cycle. This means that we help you get people from one step to the next on your product, since the moment of their registration. What's more, ConvertLoop allows you to track any individual's actions in your site/web app using our tracking code even before they've been registered: if you haven’t identified them yet, they will appear as a unique "Guest", and once you capture their contact information, they will appear as a "Contact", and their entire behavior history -since before they registered- will be merged to avoid duplication. However, if you're currently using a CRM service, you can easily export your ConvertLoop data to any CRM you want to do sales automation, or hands-on sales processes. Please check it out, and let me know if you have any more questions. I'm glad you are considering trying it out!
@stephenchip anytime!, Im glad I could help
When we started to use traditional marketing automation software to optimize our user's life cycles, we fell short on how to accurately segment them, we had contact duplications, and we were limited by pre-set automation rules that did not apply to our business needs. That is why we created ConvertLoop, to help product businesses optimize their user life cycle and retain them at every step of the way. We are totally focused on giving you the most powerful segmentation tool to automate conversions along your user life cycle in an affordable way. If you are a high volume sender like us, you will also probably resonate with the 4 reasons why we created ConvertLoop, check them out: Please ask any question you might have: I'd be happy to answer them and hear what you think!
Awesome tool and very useful for our startup! Good job guys